A sampling of the 31 anthologies, published in Austria, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the U.S., in which I have contributions:  

Three chapters in  For Women Only! Your Guide to Health and Empowerment. Editors: Gary Null and Barbara Seaman. Seven Stories Press. 1999. New York.

“I Have a Motherland" in Issues in Feminism. Editor: Shelia Roth. Houghton Mifflin. l991. (Previous edition: l980).

Introduction, Heard At Last, Mike Caple. 2006. Lulu Press.

"The New Reproductive Technologies" in The Sexual Liberals and the Attack on Feminism. Editors: Dorchen Leidholdt and Janice G. Raymond. The Athene Series. Pergamon Press. l990. Oxford. New York. 

Foreword in Misconceptions: Choice and the Construction of the New Reproductive and Genetic Technologies. Editors: Gwynne Basen, Margrit Eichler and Abby Lippman. Voyageur. 1993. Hull, Quebec, Canada.

Five chapters in Reconstructing Babylon: Essays on Women and Technology. Editor: H. Patricia Hynes. Indiana University Press. 1991. Bloomington and Indianapolis.

"The Reproductive Brothel" in Radical Voices. Editors: Renate D. Klein and Deborah Lynn Steinberg. The Athene Series. Pergamon Press. l989. Oxford. New York.

"What the King Can Not See" in Embryos, Ethics and Women's Rights. Editors: Elaine Hoffman Baruch, Amadeo F. D'Adamo, Jr. and Joni Seager. Haworth Press. l988. New York.

"Egg Snatchers" in Test-Tube Women. Editors: Rita Arditti, Renate Klein and Shelley Minden. Pandora Press. l984. London. Boston.

"The Subversive Sperm: 'A False Strain of Blood'" in Contemporary Issues in Bioethics. Editors: LeRoy Walters and Tom L. Beauchamp. Wadsworth Publishing Company. l994.

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