What is Focusing?


Like other animal bodies, your body senses itself. It senses not only your physical environment but also yourself living in your complex human situations. Warmth or hostility from the people around you, never expressed in words, affects you. In every situation the body, a repository of experience, collects minute bits of information, much of which it holds out of conscious awareness.

If you can access that information, you have a powerful new tool for living your life.

And you can.

In the 1960s, philosopher and psychologist, the late Dr. Eugene Gendlin, working at the University of Chicago, discovered a gentle process for accessing the body’s knowing. It involves attending to the “felt sense” that holds everything our organism has sensed as it has lived in its human situations. The felt sense consists of the unconscious mind, feelings, desires, memories and thoughts. Gendlin developed specific steps for attending to the felt sense and thus tapping into a vast source of data. This process, Focusing, enables us to get a gut feeling about anything.

What Does Focusing Give Us?


  • Tools for stress reduction, problem solving, decision making, healing and creative endeavors
  • The pleasure of discovery (You are accessing what you know in your gut. At the moment that that knowing moves from downstairs in the belly to upstairs in the brain, you are right there.  What emerges often astounds and refreshes.)
  • The development of compassion, for yourself, for others  
  • Clarity and perspective
  • The experience of being in tune with the deeper currents of your life
  • The skills of an empathic listener
  • Growth beyond what is habitual and familiar
  • A means for building bonds with others from an authentic place

What Can We Use Focusing Sessions For?


  • Breaking through action blocks
  • Getting out of stuck patterns, including in relationships
  • Dealing with the crisis of a serious illness
  • Pursuing an idea
  • Working for social justice as processes that begin in an individual connect to political and social change
  • Bringing the body’s wisdom into writing, painting and all the arts
  • Attending to troublesome feelings without being overwhelmed by them
  • Fully receiving what’s good in our lives so that good can expand

Guided Sessions with Gena Corea

 A Certifying Coordinator of the  International Focusing Institute, I train  Focusing teachers and can guide you through a Focusing session either in person or in virtual space. The guiding can be combined with teaching so that when you feel ready, you can Focus with a peer.   Contact me and we can talk it over.  If it seems right for you, we'll set a time and place.

The Focusing Attitude

A bit about my job in guiding you.

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