Lectures, A Sampling


 Rockford School of Medicine, Rockford, Illinois. May 15, 1978. Rockford School of Medicine Women’s Medical Organization 

Future Women Physicians of Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. February 5, 1979  

American Medical Student Association 29th Annual Convention. Denver, Colorado. March 22, 1979.

Feminist Women’s Health Center. Los Angeles, California. October 13, 1979.

American Public Health Association. New York City. November 6, 1979. And October 22, 1980, Detroit, Michigan.

University of Kansas Medical Center. Kansas City, Kansas. December 11, 1979.

University of Michigan School of Public Health. Ann Arbor, Michigan. October 17, 1980

Amherst College. Amherst, Massachusetts. February 12, l993.

University of Rhode Island. 13th Annual Fredrika Schweers Memorial Women and Health Care Lecture. April 21, 1993. 

University of Rhode Island. Kingston, Rhode Island. 

"The Voices of Women: HIV & AIDS," Conference presented by Women, AIDS & Power in conjunction with The AIDS Project and Maine Medical Center AIDS Consultation Service. Portland, Maine. April 27, l993. 

Smith College. Northampton, Massachusetts. October 5, l993. 

Scripps College. California. April l994.

New England Association of Newspaper Editors, Bermuda. May 1972.

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C. February 14, 1979 

International: Australia, Austria, Bangladesh


Law Reform Commission of New South Wales, Sydney. May 6, l986.

Victoria Law Reform Commission. Melbourne. April 30, l986.

First national women's conference on the new reproductive technologies, "Liberation or Loss: Impact of the New Reproductive Technologies." Canberra. May 10, l986.


First national women's conference on reproductive and genetic engineering, Osterreichischer Frauenkongress uber Gen-und-Reproduktions Technologien. Vienna. June 6, l986.

"Atome-Gene-Millionen: Frauen Diskutieren die Krise des Patriarchats." Round-table discussion among nine women invited from various countries by Frauenstaatssekretarin Johanna Dohnal and opened by Austrian Prime Minister Franz Vranitsky. Vienna. November 10, l986.  


Dakar. December l993. Abuses of women through reproductive technology. 

January l997. In the series, "Ideas for Social Action," Women in the AIDS Epidemic.

Bodarkhali. January l993. Annual meeting of women health workers. Contraceptive and obstetrical technology.

Brazil, Canada, Denmark, England


Rio de Janeiro. March 19, l990. Sponsored by Rede de Defesa do Especie Humana.

Araraquara. March l995. Seminario Genero, Ciencia e Tecnologias Reprodutivas. Co-sponsored by Sociology Department, UNESP/Araraquara and Rede de Defesa do Especie Humana. 


"La Maternite au Laboratoire." Organized by the Conseil du Statut de la Femme. Montreal. October 29, l987.

Universite du Quebec a Montreal. November 2, l987.


Copenhagen. June 18-22. Chaired five-day World Health Organization (WHO) meeting to evaluate in vitro fertilization. 


The Department of Social Administration, Bristol University, Bristol. November 6, l984.

Feminist International Network on the New Reproductive Technologies. South London Hospital for Women. London. November 10, l984.

The Workers Educational Association and Women's Reproductive Rights Campaign. Manchester. November 15, l984.



Federal Republic of Germany

Frauen gegen Gen-und-Reproduktionstechnologien. Frankfurt. October 1, l985.

Universitat Hamburg, Fachbereich Medizin. Hamburg. October 7, l985.

Technische Universitat Berlin. FINRRAGE, Sektion Berlin, FFGZ-Berlin. Berlin. June 5, l986.

Die Gruenen im Bundestag. Frauen und Okologie Kongress. Cologne. October 4, l986.

University of Cologne, Cologne, October l988.

Institute on Social Research, Hamburg, October 25, l989.

France, Italy, Nicaragua


"Colloque International: L'Ovaire Dose?"  Paris. December 4, l988. 

"L'eprouvette eprouvee: Conference internationale d'evaluation des technologies de reproduction humaine." Speech entitled "Le consentement des candidates aux nouvelles technologies de reproduction est-il vraiment eclaire?" La Defense. Paris. June 29, l991. 

Debated Dr. Ian Johnston, Australian IVF practitioner, at  7th World Congress on In Vitro Fertilization and Assisted Procreations.  Paris. June 30, 1991.


Bologna, Conference on the New Reproductive Technologies, June 10, l988.

Florence, June 13, l988.

Milan, June 14, l988.


Managua. Two addresses at the conference, El Destino de la Tierra. June 7 and 8, l989.

The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden

 The Netherlands

Second International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women, Groningen, April l984.


Primera Conferencia Feminista Europea Sobre Technologias Reproductivas E Ingenieria Genetica. Palma de Mallorca. 

October 12, l986. 

"Luca de las Madres de Alquiler cuando la Ley prevalece sobre la biologia."

Madrid, May 30, l988.

Barcelona, October 14, l988.


Women's Emergency Conference on the New Reproductive Technologies, Vallinge. July 1985. (I was one of the five organizers of this conference.)