The Invisible Epidemic: The Story of Women and AIDS


 Published by HarperCollins, New York

Book listed in "Notable Books of the Year: 1992"  in The New York Times Book Review, December 6, l992

For The Invisible Epidemic, I interviewed women with HIV/AIDS, caretakers,  researchers, clinicians, activists, anthropologists, human rights advocates, chaplains, lawyers, drug addicts, prison inmates, prison superintendent, state and national officials.  I then interwove stories of women facing AIDS with sections on the political context of the epidemic


“Sure to be a classic like Randy Shilts’ And the Band Played On,”  Library Journal wrote of The Invisible Epidemic, “Corea’s work is highly recommended for all collections.”

In its review in The Boston Globe, The Chicago Women’s AIDS Project wrote: “Several of us from the Project read this book and our vote is unanimous: Corea has told the story of women with AIDS with respect, intelligence and not a particle of voyeurism. We cried as we read, feeling relief that someone was telling the truth.  Each vignette reads like the best fiction: rich, intimate, moving. 

But Corea has done more than simply tell stories. She has written the female equivalent of Randy Shilts’ classic, And the Band Played On.”

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